Sara and Lorraine

Sara Lynn Evans (born February 5 7th, 1971) was the oldest among seven children raised by her parents on the farms in New Franklin Missouri. Sara Lynn Evans was performing in the family band since she was five years old. In the nightclub in Columbia Missouri, she started playing when she reached 16 years old. The gig lasted for 2 years. They moved her from the state of Missouri in Nashville Tennessee for the purpose to pursue a career as a country music singer in 1991. Musician Harlan Howard heard Sara as she sung a demo of one of his songs Tiger By the Tail at County Q Studios and decided she was the perfect singer for his songs. She signed a contract with RCA. Evans came out with Three Chords and the Truth which was her debut album in 1997. It was well-received by critics as it was one of many in their top ten albums for 1997. Unfortunately it did not get a lot of attention from country radio at the time and none one of its three tracks entered the top 40. Lorraine Bracco..................... Lorraine Bracco is an American actress, known for her notable performance in the television series. The Sopranos. Born in New York she grew up on Long Island and later moved to France for an acting career and began working as a model. Later on, she worked as a radio DJ with radio Luxembourg. In the 1970s, she starred as a feature film actress, and in other French feature movies. The actress returned to Hollywood a few years later in order to pursue a Hollywood career. In Goodfellas she achieved the most success, and was even nominated by some of Hollywood's highest-ranked award societies, including Academy Award. In the beginning, she was with film, she then went on to work in TV series, and she was successful.

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