Ayiiia Elizarraras

Ayiiia who was the winner of realworldcasting.com has been selected for the competition thanks to her dedicated friends who collaborated with her. Ayiiia she is Mexican and fluent in Spanish speaks her first extended travel experience to Mexico. She speaks her mind. However, sometimes she does it with a viciousness that alienates the other living roommates. Then she realizes that living inside The Real World house is quite a bit more complicated than she imagined. Ayiiia is a former party girl, who's suffered from drug abuse along with cutting is an adolescent that has had a background. She is committed to those she cherishes and is said to be nonjudgmental don't get on her bad side, because Ayiiia is the type of woman who has an unresolved grudge. Ayiiia began a long-term relationship with an additional woman. She lived with her mother at home in San Diego, and looking for a new home prior to the reunion. In the reunion that she and Jonna weren't close due to the issues they encountered in filming.

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