Antoinette Birodi

Biordi is happily married to an unidentified person. They have a son together. Biordi will update the information when it is available. Biordi is content with her husband, son and Dottie. Biordi makes an average salary of $72,266 per year. News 12 Long Island. Salary of news/journalists. Biordi's net worth has been believed to be somewhere between 100k and $ 1,000,000. It is her job as the TV news anchor that provides the majority of her revenue. Her first job was as a reporter with News Center 7 Ithaca New York. In 1998 he was a host and journalist at WETM, NBC in Elmira New York. Biordi started his journalistic career with WNYT News (NBC) Albany, New York. In 1999, he was employed as a reporter at FOX 23 News Albany and WNYT News Albany. After working for for five years as a journalist working in New York State, Biordi returned to her state and became a freelancer with News 12 Long Island. Antoinette Biordi, an Emmy Award winning reporter in the world of news since 1997, has been working as a journalist over twenty years. She was brought up within Long Island, but she originates from Brooklyn. She's an Emmy Award winning reporter who is employed by News 12 Long Island. News 12 Long Island pays an average salary around $72,266. Her previous employers include WETM, WYNT and FOX 23 News.

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